Since a lot of people have been asking about the OVO Fest, here’s all you need to know.

 It is usually scheduled the last weekend in July, but it’s never too early to start making preparations to attend. Below you will find some tips and info to ensure yourself a nice fun trip!

  1. Get your Passport !!!!!
    Its about that time to get your passport. You don’t want to wait the last minute, ie 2-3 weeks before, and have something happen. You CAN NOT GET INTO OR OUT OF THE COUNTRY WITH OUT ONE. You can go to the Passport website to find the local post office center where you can mail your forms in.
  2. Hotels
    Book your Hotel before you travel. Its Caribana weekend so hotels will book up fast. Toronto has a lot of hotels. Try to stick to hotels that say downtown Toronto. Make sure you read where the hotel is located. Use Google Map to see how far it is from the concert Venue. We suggest you book your hotel now. You can always cancel it.
  3. Flying to Toronto??
    Check sites like PricelineBing, and Cheapoair. The thing with airplane tickets is the prices tend to go up and down depending on the demand. If you wait until the last minute, ie 1-2 weeks before your trip, chances are you will be paying a lot.
    Note: if you are on a site like Cheapoair and the reasonable price is under an airlines called “MAJOR” than that’s a special deal with that website you are on. and the “MAJOR Airline” will not be revealed until you purchase the tickets.Hint: A good time to search for flights to purchase is during the middle of the week. Prices tend to be less Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
    If you see a reasonable price go to that airlines website and see if they still have the same price but with different available times.
  4. Other Then Flying Options
    • For some taking a plane to Buffalo, NY and then taking a bus to Toronto is significantly cheaper than flying directly to Toronto.Companies like Mega Bus and Greyhound service Buffalo Airport to Downtown Toronto. Bus times are limited.
    • Another option would be to take a 15min cab ride from Buffalo Airport to Greyhound Terminal in which more bus schedule options are available.Note: This way of travel must be will thought out. IF you are trying to use this way first look at the bus scheduling and then look for your flight options leaving enough time to go through customs (see customs section for more details)Hint: If you are go to the Canadian Megabus site, You will pay about $2.50 for your bus trip. PLEASE LOOK AT THE BUS SCHEDULING BEFORE PURCHASING YOUR PLANE TICKET AND BOOK BOTH THE SAME DAY.
  5. Taking the Bus?
    Megabus and Greyhound are your best bet. Book at least 14 days in advance to take advantage of the prices.Note: The newer buses have wifi….YAYYYYYY!!!! Make sure you book your own bus ticket. Greyhound charges about $14 extra if it isn’t your credit card being charged.Hint: If you want to save more money. sign up for a trial for student advantage card. They will charge you a $1 and you will have 30days to cancel before they charge you the full price. promo code : SEO07W9001GHTRL
  6. Passing through Customs at the Airport and Bus.
    Pretty Simple JUST BE PATIENT. Depending on how long the lines are the time will vary. Personally I’ve waited from 30min to 2 hours during my travels. When you finally get up to the agents desk, they may ask you questions like: where are you going. who are you traveling with, did you bring anything with you, where are you staying, how long,…..DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL, IT’S THEIR JOB TO BE ALL UP IN YOUR BUSINESS. LOL…Just tell them the truth.Note: anyone under 18 for getting into Canada and getting back into the US, just have your parent give you a note of consent to go. Just in case you get an agent that’s being difficult. lol Have their phone number on the note. Its more so when coming back into the US.
  7. Driving to Canada. 
    When you get to the boarder control have everything ready. your passport and if you have passengers, their passports as well. you should clean your car completely out before going. nothing in your trunk except what you need. anything random will delay your travels.
    Note: there is very limited street parking in Toronto most hotels charge a fee per day to park.
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